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Rubaiyat Brazil

Discover and enjoy of the best meat in our restaurants

Rubaiyat dispone de los mejores cocineros de Brasil

Rubaiyat Brazil : a gastronomical proposal of high quality based on the concept “From the Ranch to the plate”, as enshrined in our restaurants “Figueira Rubaiyat”, “Rubaiyat Alameda Santos”, “Rubaiyat Faria Lima”, “Rubaiyat Brasilia”, “Rubaiyat Rio de Janeiro ” Argentina with” Cabaña las Lilas “, Spain with” Rubaiyat Madrid “, and Mexico with” Rubaiyat México.

 Rubaiyat is more than a restaurant. Is an experience, where you will enjoy of our best products, prepared with respect, in a rustic and welcoming enviroment, with the best service in Brazil.

Visit our restaurants Rubaiyat in Brazil

  • Alameda Santos

  • Brasília

  • Faria Lima

  • A Figueira

  • Rio


A marvellous story that conquered the world

Rubaiyat Brasil

Rubaiyat Alameda Santos

Alameda Santos, 86 Vila Mariana, São Paulo

Rubaiyat Faira Lima

Av. Brig Faria Lima 2954 Pinheiros

Figueira Rubaiyat

Rua Haddock Lobo, 1738 Jd Paulista, São Paulo

Rubaiyat Brasilia

SCES – Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul,
trecho 1, lote 1 A, Asa Sul

Rubaiyat Rio

Rua Jardim Botânico, next to number 971
Jardim Botânico- Rio de Janeiro

Faca Madeira Rubaiyat

Rubaiyat España

Rubaiyat Madrid

C/ Juan Ramón Jiménez, 37, Madrid

Rubaiyat Argentina

Rubaiyat Buenos Aires

Av. Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero

Rubaiyat Chile

Santiago de Chile

Rubaiyat Chile

Nueva Costanera, 4031
Vitacura, Santiago de Chile

Rubaiyat México

Rubaiyat México DF

Presidente Masarik, 20


Discover and enjoy with our dishes … Do you want to see them? Click here

In our menus, you can find the best cuts of meat Premium, some classics of our houses as well as the Baby Beef or the Picanha, and novelties such as the Queen Beef or Baby Gold, in addition to the succulent Kobe Beef from cattle breed Japanese Wagyu. We also prepared recipes that give life to delicious dishes, such as the Trash san marino, and tasty fished as the Hake or black sea bass.

We also offer a big variety of homemade breads, prepared daily by our bakers. In addition to the cheese bread and rosemary focaccia, also offer other varieties, sucha as  walnuts bread, rolls of carrots and  beets, breasd of walnuts and wholegrain bread.

Don´t forget to leave space for our delicious desserts, prepared by our master pastry chefs, such as Rogel, Tatin pie or pudding of caramelized condensed milk.


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Find out where the best meat of the city comes from

Fazenda Rubaiyat

Rubaiyat is much more than a restaurant. Is an experience where you can enjoy the best products, cooked with respect, in a rustic and welcoming enviroment,with the best service in the city of Brazil.

Fifty seven years ago Belarmino Fernández open his first Rubaiyat in Sâo Paulo, and since then he become in one of the most famous restaurants owners in Latin America, with numerous awards in his career.

In our restaurants we offer the best Brazilian and Spanish culinary tradition based on the concept “from the Ranch to the table”.

The tables where you will eat are made with wooden logs of Ipê, from the Ranch Rubaiyat,located in Dourados,  Mato Grosso do Sul. Our chairs are also handcrafted with genuine Brazilian leather.

And be sure to pay special attention to our  knives, made in Brazil with the best steel in the tradition of Zakaroff, which for hundreds of years had the honor to be the exclusive manufacturer of steel Tsars of Russia family.

If  you are a demanding person and like the best don´t  hesitate. Visit our  restaurants.


Mesa Rubaiyat Brasil
  • Dine with us

  • Rubaiyat Brasília

  • Rubaiyat Alameda Santos

  • Rubaiyat Faria Lima

Acquired in 1968 and adapted to the livestock premium breeds, the Gold Bar Ranch, belonging to rubaiyat Group, is located in  the municipality of Dourados, in the State of Mato Grosso do Sul, and occupies an area of 10,000 hectares.

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Several ecologically sustainable practices are adopted in the property and, in recent years, a major effort has been made to enlarge the areas of environmental preservation, retrieving the habitat where they live more than 125 indigenous species.

Social work

More than 50 families live on Agriculture and the cattle industry of the Rubaiyat, Farm with a unique school for their children.

“Almost seven thousand head of cattle graze freely in one of the areas of the most abundance of pastures of the planet, which ensures that our herd is fed in a natural way and without the need of providing nutritional supplements and other industrial products”.

Seven years ago began the development of the brand Tropical Kobe Beef, which results from the mixture of Japanese Wagyu breed with cows headquarters of our exclusive Brangus breed. The Rubaiyat Group is the pioneer in the commercialization of this premium meat in its restaurants and this initiative has the support of the Brazilian Association of Wagyu Cattle Breeders. With delicate taste and amazing flavor, is a unique delicacy.

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