• Strategically installed in the south section of clubs

    The Rubaiyat Brasilia began in June 2013 the new phase of the Rubaiyat group’s expansion … visit us!

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  • The restaurant occupies a spacious of 4,000 square metros of land on the shores of Lake Paranoa

    Landscaping with native plants, is signed by Fermin Camargo.

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Rubaiyat Brasilia

Discover and enjoy with the best meats in our restaurant

Restaurante Rubaiyat Brasilia

Premium meats, outstanding customer service and all the know-how of the Rubaiyat Group now are present also in Brasilia, the federal capital.

Installed on the shores of Lake Paranoá, the Rubaiyat Brasilia is ideal for business meals, with friends or with the family, in an integrated environment to nature … visit us!

The lounge, all in glass, is able to comfortably accommodate 330 people.The tables on the balcony are the places most frequented. The design is by architect Marco Perazzo and follows the concept of the other houses of the group. The landscaping with native plants, is signed by Fabio Camargo.

If you are looking for a restaurant to make a meal of quality – a business or a dinner with friends or  family -,in a pleasant and integrated with nature environment , this is the place.

Rubaiyat Brasília dentro Resturante


A marvellous story that conquered the world

Rubaiyat Brasil

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Alameda Santos, 86 Vila Mariana, São Paulo

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Av. Brig Faria Lima 2954 Pinheiros

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Rubaiyat Brasilia

SCES – Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul,
trecho 1, lote 1 A, Asa Sul

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Find out and enjoy of our selection. Do you want to see all of them?, Click here

The menu of Brasilia consist of the most consecrated group of the paulista houses dishes Rubaiyat,with cuts like Picanha Summus, the Baby Beef, the Master Beef and Kobe Beef.

Another option is the Tropical Kobe Beef, succulent meat and unique flavor, which is a result of the crossing of cattle Brangus breed with the Wagyu, of Japanese origin, which can be assessed in two different cuts, baby beef and steak of chorizo. On account of these and other cuts exclusive, the restaurants Rubaiyat are the most prestigious houses of meat from Brazil.

Iconic dishes of Figueira Rubaiyat, as the Caixote Marinho, are also present on the menu of the Brazilian houses.

On Saturdays, is served a buffet full of feijoada, with Baby Pork from the farm Rubaiyat. Several times awarded as the best of São Paulo, this unmissable and more complete buffet also includes fried manioc, collard greens sliced thin and sautéed, orange slices, crispy bean soup “farofas”, various kinds of beats, caipirinhas of brandy spirit of Mines and more.

Reserve space also the desserts prepared by handmade in the house, as the quinines, the tatin pie, the passion-fruit mousse, the puddings of milk, the cheesecake, the crema catalana and the incredible pie Nemesis, made with dark chocolate.

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Find out where the the best meat of the city comes from

Fazenda Rubaiyat

Rubaiyat is much more than a restaurant. Is an experience where you can enjoy the best products, cooked with respect, in a rustic and welcoming enviroment,with the best service in the city of Brazil.

Fifty seven years ago Belarmino Fernández open his first Rubaiyat in Sâo Paulo, and since then he become in one of the most famous restaurants owners in Latin America, with numerous awards in his career.

In our restaurants we offer the best Brazilian and Spanish culinary tradition based on the concept “from the Ranch to the table”.

The tables where you will eat are made with wooden logs of Ipê, from the Ranch Rubaiyat, Mato Grosso do Sul. Our chairs are also handcrafted with genuine Brazilian leather.And be sure to pay special attention to our gauchos, knives made in Brazil with the best steel in the tradition of Zakaroff, which for hundreds of years had the honor to be the exclusive manufacturer of steel Tsars of Russia family.

If you are a demanding person and like the best don´t hesitate. Visit our Rubaiyat restaurants.

Mesa Rubaiyat Brasil
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